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What is Hard Money Mastermind?

Hard Money Mastermind is a free online community hosted on the Mighty Network platform where we can collaborate about the private and hard money lending business.  Content is for experienced lenders and new or aspiring private or hard money lenders.   You can also upgrade your account for advanced trainings, courses and private consulting.

Why Join?

The Hard Money Mastermind is your central hub for all things related to private & hard money lending.  This business is widely diverse and their aren't many public resources about the industry.  Private or Hard Money Lenders can be individual investors that want to responsibly deploy some of their own funds or full service operators who want to raise capital to deploy it at scale over 1,000s of real estate assets.  

Now you can interact with other lenders, investors, brokers or any professionals interested in the private/hard money lending business.

See You Inside!

Jason Balin & Chris Haddon
Hard Money Mastermind & Hard Money Bankers

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